Swayk 【TW-600】

SWAYK sets a new standard for sustainable aerosol product.

Design Innovation

The futuristic and completely original design of SWAYK makes a strong impression on the user. The button is large for easy push and have a non-slip surface. The button and the slide lock have different colors, and the slide lock can be moved back and forth to switch the button between unlocked and locked states. These unlocked and locked states are designed similar on purpose, which intends to suppress misuse by children. Furthermore, the cap-less integrated lock mechanism prevents children from accidental ingestion.
The user can choose between two types of nozzles. The wide insert nozzle is used for a wide spray, and the straw nozzle enables a pinpoint spray.

Benefit to Society

SWAYK has reduced CO2 emissions by 90% or more by changing the liquefied gas to compressed gas and by not using rubber seal. Since the actuator is made entirely of plastic, it can be easily recycled. There is no removable part such as a cap, so there is no scattering of micro-plastic waste due to accidental loss of parts.
By the degassing mechanism, the user can remove the residual gas from a can by himself, so that an accident at a disposal site can be prevented beforehand. Such a degassing function is standardly provided for most aerosol products in Japan, and is expected to spread worldwide in the future.

Benefit to user

Two types of nozzles provide a spray to suit any situation. Since the slide lock mechanism is integrated, there is no risk of accidental loss like a cap, and pollution of the micro-plastic waste can be prevented. In addition, it can protect children from misuse and accidental ingestion.
The slide lock does not impair the aesthetics even when locked or unlocked. The large button and the non-slip surface provide a good feeling of use.
The use of compressed gas and the no use of rubber seal have succeeded in significantly reducing CO2 emissions. Users can naturally contribute to eco-friendliness for a sustainable society with our SWAYK.

Appropriate Aesthetics

A large button and a non-slip surface improve user experience. For example, when used in the workplace, users may have slippery hands with oil or gloves, SWAYK is easier to operate in such situations.
The shape of the button becomes slightly narrower in the spray direction, and the user can easily recognize the spray direction without checking the positon of the nozzle orifice. Also, the slide lock can be operated with one hand because it is moved back and forth with respect to the spray direction. The conventional products are locked and unlocked by rotation, so that operation needs both hands.
The two types of nozzles can be switched only by raising and lowering the straw nozzle. It meets the needs of both those who want to spray widely on the target and those who want to spray locally at the target.
In the manufacturing process, the process of setting the actuator to the can is smooth because the top surface of the actuator is flat.

Benefit to Client/Brand

The distinctive design makes it possible to differentiate from other products in appearance.
There is a large difference in CO2 emissions between liquefied gas and compressed gas, and conversion to compressed gas is recommended. However, there was a problem in mist with compressed gas. Using a mechanical break-up insert nozzle makes a good mist even with compressed gas. Further, this actuator can be mounted on a general 1-inch valve.
Until now, 2-way actuator had a rubber seal for switching nozzles. But the rubber seal may be affected by contents, and the contents were limited. SWAYK has no rubber seal, so there is no limitation on the contents. By not using a seal, CO2 generated during the production of the seal could be reduced.
Because SWAYK supports compressed gas and uses no rubber seal for nozzle switching, it has succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by up to 90% or more. As CO2 emissions are global concern, eco-friendly products can add value to the brand.

Tech Specs
Materials Used : Plastic
Dimensions : W49×H23×D180(mm)
Weight : 17g

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