BOV (Bag on Valve) makes various industry products grow.

Environmentally friendly, Safe and has many applications.

BOV solves many problems in various European and American industries, specially cosmetic, food and medical.
Uses nitrogen gas as a propellant for safety and to reduce environmental load. Since it has a double structure of undiluted solution and propellant, there is very little contact between the undiluted solution and metal (valve or can), which is hygienic and is advantageous for cosmetics and medical products.
Spray is possible from any position of 360 degrees. 92-98% discharge even for highly viscous stock solution with stable discharge.

Mitani gives additional values to our BOV.

Capacity variation
Volume variations from 60 ml to 200 ml are available.
Supports a wide variety of films through joint development with Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and Inabata & Co., Ltd.

High quality
Integrated production from valve assembly to pouch welding achieves the same high quality as MITANI general valves.
Uses POM-free, phthalate-free rubber and eco-friendly resin.

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