Soft and fluffy.
The Perfect Mist is gentle on the skin.

Compared to standard nozzles, it has a much finer particle size and wraps your skin gently and silky-like.

The most suitable nozzle for skin care and hair care products is now available.

Long-lasting function

It is capable of spraying a long and gentle mist over a wide area with its original light action.

Wide variety of spray volumes

The Silky Mist Nozzle can be attached to any of Mitani’s Z-75/Z-105/Z-155/Z-205/Z-305/Z-505 series core engines. (Available in 0.07ml / 0.1ml / 0.15ml / 0.2ml)

The silky feel does not change with the spray volume.
Please choose the best pump for your purpose from Mitani’s various finger sprays (also available in upright and inverted versions).

Providing high value-added products

The pump can be decorated in the same way as a regular pump, with a gold crown of gold parts, hot stamping, customer-designed caps, pumps and exteriors.

Please try Mitani’s Silky Mist on your skin.

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