MITANI against covid

The Covid-19 has changed our lifestyle all over the world. Business activities and so on, and sanitizers have become essential for our daily life.
Once there were shortages of hand sanitizer all over the world, but the situation is getting better little by little and the demand for sanitizer would still remain steady.

To sterilize the virus…

Many companies and individuals prepare bottles, dispenser pumps and ethanol in order to make sanitizers by themselves.
However, do your pumps really dispense sanitizer with appropriate alcohol content?
If not, the effectiveness of your sanitization might be inadequate.
(For example, in the case of sanitizer (70% ethanol), you should apply 3cc of it and spread it evenly through your hands for one minute, until it’s dry.
With Mitani’s high quality dispenser pumps, you don’t need to worry about that.

Our Shirakawa factory mainly produces dispenser pumps.

Our products are produced by following ISO9001, ISO14001 and our strict standards which are known and used for cosmetics, medicine, food and so on.
Furthermore, we have a factory in Thailand and it adheres to the same standards. They utilize the same instruments and assembly line and so on, so the quality is the same as Japanese factories.

Mitani We pride ourselves on products with high quality and safety for customers who need high technology and hygenic products.

Our products for sanitizer.

Quick Delivery

We are capable of quickly providing these products while maintaining a high level of quality thanks to a production process, that is mainly done in-house.
※For the detail and the latest information, please contact us.

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