Compact trigger pump with bigger dosage the “Z-505”

Core-engine for 0.5ml compact trigger

The small trigger which has been released since 2002 from MITANI as the first developer, now has the option of larger dosage with new core-engine.
Having same appearance with Z-305(0.3ml dosage), Z-505(0.5ml dosage) can be offered with slight change of stroke.
Having 1.5 times bigger dosage than Z-305, the Z-505 is suitable for Household, Industrial and Body care or more.

Easier to use compact.

With adjustment of lever position and lever width as well as space for the locking system, it is more comfortable to spray with all users.


Upside-down function and form attachment options are available.
Built-in type stopper prevents from children’s misuse. Z-505 would be used in various scenes of our life.

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